Living a gluten free lifestyle for over 12 years now, I learned early on that the absolute #1 recommendation for making this lifestyle work, without feeling deprived, is making your own bread.
Why? Because it checks off the 5 top necessities for living gluten free:

  1. Must be tasty and satisfying!
  2. Provide choices; Healthy-style breads, baguettes, sweet breads, pizza dough, rolls. Make your own croutons or stuffing mix. The list goes on…
  3. Endless possibilities – create your own specialty and/or favorites that you’re proud to share.
  4. Prep time and ease. On the weekends, make it from scratch using one of the Gluten free bread recipe books recommended, below. During the busy week, use a mix -pour in the package of dry ingredients, add wet ingredients, and go!
  5. Is SO good that you can’t wait to make more.

You will make so many different homemade breads, and create new favorites – that you would have otherwise missed, living gluten free!

I’ve pre-searched the machines currently on sale, for you. Let me know how it works out and how making that first loaf made you and your tummy feel; Please follow our Facebook Group.

The legal stuff : “As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.”

It’s all about OPTIONS, and you can create your own endless possibilities with a gluten free bread machine.

  • TIP #1 Get one that makes 2 lb loaves. It makes for a perfect loaf.
  • TIP #2 When you make a batch from scratch, make 2 separate dry mixes at a time, saving one for quick use later. 
  • TIP #3  Always use the spoon-into-measuring-cups method. (Don’t scoop the flours using your measuring cup.)

If you are new to the gluten free lifestyle, you may want to get rid of the old, and bring in the new, unused, pots, pans, and baking pans set. Why not get started now? Prices are very reasonable to start with a clean slate.

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