The Saucy Chef


The gluten free Saucy Chef basket will warm your home with smells of family gatherings for tummy-satisfying gluten free meals the whole family can share.

No separate meals for you and your gluten free loved ones.

Smell the love with the aroma of a simmering  pot roast or lemon basil chicken simmering with fresh vegetables – served up in 30 minutes. One-pot meals are always a great timesaver, and this basket also has you enjoying restaurant quality meals in minutes, not hours, as well!

It works around your busy GF lifestyle.

Our Saucy Chef basket is perfect for your favorite one-pot and grilling meals.

From hot wing sauce with dipping sauces, to pot roast and chicken simmer sauces, and lemon basil simmer sauce – great for vegetarians – we have what you crave.

We’ve got your BBQ cravings covered, Italian dinner night’s basil pesto mix or Italian sauce, or Fajita sauce mix for Mexican dinner night.

Fill your home with the special aroma of meals that the whole family can gather around and enjoy.

No two baskets are the same, so you can subscribe knowing that the contents will be a new combination of meal ideas with each order.

Each Saucy Chef basket contains a combination of up to 8 different cooking sauces, including simmer sauces, grilling sauces, packet sauce mixes, and dipping sauces – for 25-30 servings.


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