The Super Healthy Snacker


Our Super Healthy Snacker is for those who are health conscious, but still crave a good snacking collection to choose from.
Your own hummus kit is the spotlight of this collection.

For the more health conscious, we include an array of the healthier snacks that you can really sink your teeth into. The Super Healthy Snacker basket includes different combinations of 100% real fruit snacks, pretzels and nuts for crunch, peanut butter and low-sugar fruit spread. No basket is the same, but all Super Healthy Snacker baskets will contain the 3 ingredients for making hummus from scratch.

And, because you will be making your own fresh hummus, we  include some tasty gluten free crackers to pull it all together. (A blender, chopper or a copper/mixer such as Magic Bullet will work for blending the ingredients.)

Of course we wouldn’t forget to top this basket off with our signature sprinkling of Tootsie Rolls.


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